You Know You Are A Labrador Lover When….

1. You wouldn’t even consider a partner who doesn’t share your love of Labradors.

2. You regularly google pictures of Labrador Retrievers.

3. You have thought of getting their paw print tattooed somewhere on your body.

4. Watching a movie in which a Labrador dies is too much for you to handle such as Marley and Me.

5. You feel guilty eating in front of your Labrador without sharing a bite of your food.

6. You worry about your Labrador like parents worry about a child. Which of course you are.

7. You have an overwhelming amount of dog toys that are all over your house.

8. You talk to your dog on the phone when you’re away. Of course we all do this, don’t we?

9. You say hello to your lab before you say hi to your husbands or kids.

10. You have more than one nickname for your Lab and they come to each one.

Let us know any others you want us to add to the list.

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15 Responses to “You Know You Are A Labrador Lover When….”

  1. You give up your side of the bed so you don’t wake your Lab pup

  2. You know you’re a Lab lover when you make excuses for why the furniture is chewed up!

  3. Your Lab is the picture on your Christmas card.

  4. You sit on the floor and hand feed them because they’re so funky and spoiled

  5. Finicky not funky

  6. You say hello to your lab before you say hi to your husbands or kids.

  7. A photo of your lab is your phone home screen, rather than your children.

  8. when your house is covered in those “Magical Fibers of Love” and you don’t care who is coming over to visit

  9. When company is sitting on the couch and your lab comes over give one look and everyone scooches over to make room, because they know it’s really the labbie’s couch

  10. Patricia Marinelli Reply October 6, 2015 at 11:22 am

    You spend $25,000 to build a room on to your house for your Labrador children.

  11. You have dog hair all over the place and think it is normal.

  12. Put your back out crawling off the couch so the recliner doesn’t drop down waking a sound sleeping lab!

  13. When you go on vacation and spent half of the time looking for a dog gift to bring home to her because you missed her!

  14. When your standing at the fridge asking your lab, who’s head is also in the fridge what ‘we’ should have for dinner

  15. When youd rather sleep next to a snoring lab then a snoring spouse