Top Four Common Health Problems of The Labrador Retriever



Cold Water Tail

Also known as Limber tail, this condition is common in Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and some hunting dog breeds. This is a painful condition that can cause your Labrador’s tail to go limp. Cold water tails usually happens after a long day of swimming, hunting, or other activities that entail lots of tail work. The good thing is: the condition goes away on its own after just a few days.

Hip Dysplasia

Although multifactorial, hip dysplasia is often inherited from dog to dog. Labradors with hip dysplasia may show symptoms such as lameness in their hind legs, trouble standing up, whining, and slowness when walking. Depending on the severity, dogs with this condition are given medications and therapies to ease the discomfort although sometimes, surgery is needed. However, proper nutrition can help prevent this condition from developing.

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3 Responses to “Top Four Common Health Problems of The Labrador Retriever”

  1. Glad to get this info on labs. My lab has a ear infection now.

  2. I have a two year old choc lab. I think we got a grip on the ear infections, but he is having some really bad skin issues. And always licking and scratching.

  3. Got my dogs off all grain kibble,no wheat,corn,soy nor rice……all skin issues are GONE!