Teach Your Dog To Hug You Back

Here is an excerpt from this great dog hug teaching article by Kristina N. Lotz, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, originally posted on www.theilovedogssite.com. She goes into a process of how to teach your dog to hug step-by-step. Here are the basic steps outlined below: Please visit www.theilovedogssite.com for the complete, detailed process. Watch the video to see Cohen perform a hug…

Step 1: Hand targeting

Step 2: Paw an object

Step 3: Wrap the paw

Step 4: Strengthening the hold

Step 5: Removing the “broom”

Read more at http://theilovedogssite.com/how-to-train-your-dog-to-give-a-hug/

Source: theilovedogssite.com

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