Part Dachshund, Part Pit Bull – Quite A Unique Look

Here’s a great adoption story that was in the news recently. According to the news, this part Dachshund, Part Pit Bull dog was found by a man in his yard last week. He took him to the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society. They confirmed that “Rami” as they are calling him is indeed half Dachshund and half Pit Bull. Makes for an interesting, unique look. They estimate that he is about a year old. As you can see, Rami has the head of a Pit Bull on the long, short-legged body of a Dachshund. According to the report:

the Humane Society went to social media to find this guy a home. “We posted a photo of him when he became available. And within a day it went to one million hits. And by that night it was up to two million. And now it is over 2.4 million hits,” Blanton said.

But with all this media attention, they want to make sure Rami goes to the right home; avoiding adopters who may want to exploit him based on his one-of-a-kind look.

“It will be a pretty tough test for people that are wanting this dog. They’re going to have to answer questions, we’re going to do follow-up inspections on him. Go out to people’s homes if they’re close by and verify that that dog is ok,” said Flowers.

But don’t let his tough pit bull exterior fool you. Blanton says he’s terrified of the kittens at the shelter.

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