Just Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts – This Answer Will Surprise You!

Ever wonder why your dog loves to sniff another dog’s butt? We, as humans, think it is disgusting, well most of us anyway. Well it is not disgusting to dogs.

That’s because dogs have an incredible sense of smell, much greater than humans. Dogs can tell many things by smelling, much more than we humans can.

The makers of this video are getting to the bottom of why dogs sniff each other’s butts. According to the video, this behavior is just one of many forms of what they call chemical communication in the animal kingdom.

Dogs use a special feature called the Jacobsen’s Organ to get chemical signals from their nose sent directly to their brain. There is some interesting information in this video.

Check out this video that explains in detail about why dogs love to sniff each other’s butts. Very interesting!

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