How To Stop Your Lab From Digging Another Hole In The Yard


Do you have a Lab that digs holes in your yard? If you do, then you know the frustration that can cause.

It can become a never ending battle to get you Lab to stop digging. It can also be dangerous when you mow the lawn and step in one of the holes lurking in the yard surrounded by grass. Yikes! I just found another darn hole again!

If this is you, here is an excerpt of four tips to help solve the digging problem from a great article over at…

#1 – Management

While you are working on solving the digging problem, which won’t happen overnight, the easiest way to stop your Labrador from doing it is to not leave him in the yard alone. This way, he won’t have a chance to practice the behavior. The more he practices it, the more he will continue to dig because it’s rewarding for him.

#2 – More Exercise

Digging takes a lot of energy. Many dogs do it as a form of self-exercise. If you provide more exercise for your Lab – like a couple mile jog, for example – then he won’t have the energy to dig.

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