How To Help Your Dog Overcome a Fear of Loud Noises!

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Professional dog trainer Steve Reid continues on with the steps to prepare your dog for loud noises as posted over on

Step 3: While the sound track is playing, create a positive and happy association for your dog. You can: periodically treat your dog with a high value snack (hot dog, cheese, turkey, etc.), play your dog’s favorite game (tug, fetch, etc.) or practice various obedience commands. This will keep your dog’s mind focused on productive and happy activities.

Step 4: Once your dog has progressed to being non-reactive toward the sounds at an appreciable level, restart this scenario in different rooms of the house. Varying the context will help the dog to generalize the fact that these sounds are not “bad”.

There are other variables that can trigger a fear response, such as atmospheric changes during thunder storms, startling flashes from lightening, and vibration from fireworks. Those are hard to artificially create, so we are focusing on what we can control (i.e. the sounds).

If (when) your dog does respond fearfully to one of the sounds at a specific volume, take a step back by lowering the volume to a previous level and resume the process at that level. Then gradually increase again when the dog is ready.

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