How To Help Your Dog Overcome a Fear of Loud Noises!

Hiding Dog


We are quickly approaching New Year’s Eve. A great many dog owners know the feeling of having your dog hide during that night.

My dog hates loud noises and the fireworks during New Year’s Eve celebrations send him running and hiding. Can you relate?

Well it is best to prepare your dog for the occasion to lessen the impact. Here are four steps to help your dog cope with loud noises by professional dog trainer Steve Reid as posted over on

Of course you might want to start this early so they are prepared!

Step 1: Start the sound track a low level that your dog does not even hear it. It must not invoke a fearful response. Dogs have much better hearing than us, so error on the side of caution and start lower in volume.

Step 2: This is a slow and strategic process, only increase the volume one “notch” each training session. The biggest mistake one can make, is increasing the stimuli too quickly, resulting in a fear response.

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