Dogs Really Can Tell Mean People

Have you ever noticed that your dog acts different around some people and you are not sure why this happens?

If they have a negative reaction towards someone, make sure you pay attention. They can sense more than you can.

Research published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews shows that our furry friends are able to recognize nice people and not so nice people. They use this information to influence how they react to someone.

To work this out, researchers asked dog owners to act out different scenarios while their pooches watched

The volunteers pretended to struggle at opening a container before asking two researchers to help them.

In the first scenario, one researcher stood there passively, while their colleague offered to help. In the second, one researcher remained passive, while the other actively refused to help out.

When the test was over, the researchers reached out to the dog with a treat.

In the first scenario, the dog was likely to take a treat from both researchers.

However, according to the research, in the scenario where the researcher was mean to the dog owner,

 the dogs were more likely to ignore the one who had been unpleasant, shunning their treat.

The scientists concluded that dogs are able to tell if someone is being a nasty piece of work, and judge them.

What does this all mean? Well, the next time your dog doesn’t like a new person, make sure you pay attention. They can sense things in people that you cannot.



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