6 Things Your Dog Would Say If He Could Talk

The relationship we have with our dog is like no other in the world. Do you ever wonder what they think or what they would say if they could talk? In this interesting article at www.dogtube.us, they share their take on what your dog may think. Do you agree with any of these?

  1. I shove my head under your arm while you’re on the computer to remind you that I love you.
  2. I’m always happy to give you a personal tour of the neighborhood, even if you insist on holding onto the end of the leash.
  3. Since you’re leg deprived, I jump up so you don’t have to bend over.
  4. I like to give you kisses, especially after you eat steak.
  5. Since you don’t have fur, I’m happy to shed my fur on you.
  6. I beg your food to help you stick to your diet.

Source: dogtube.us

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