5 Tips To Picking The Perfect Dog For You And Your Family

How to choose a dog.

Getting a dog is one of those decisions that you should consider carefully. You will want to get the right kind of dog for your home and family.

Adopting a dog is a life-long commitment. Take into consideration what kind of care the dog will need. Will you be home a lot of the time or away.

You should take into consideration your living quarters among other things. Do you have room for a big dog or only a small one? Do you have a large home and yard or a small apartment?

This film will show you what to look for and useful tips for choosing a dog. Decisions on the dog’s breed, age, and sex, together with your budget and space limitations are discussed. Choose the dog color to match your requirements and tastes.

Here are five tips for picking the perfect dog.

Step 1: Assess the need
According to pet experts and veterinarians, the first, and most important, question you must ask yourself is what purpose your new canine companion will hopefully serve in your life. Will it be for companionship? Security? Will it be around children? Maybe you want a hunting dog. You have to figure this stuff out first.

Step 2: Consider Activity and Space.
If you have limited space, small dogs make sense.
Larger breeds require more outdoor time for exercise. Even though you may really want a larger dog, ask yourself “can I honestly give this dog the care it deserves?”
If your personal schedule dictates that you are not home with your dog for long hours during the day, you might consider a smaller dog that will be more self-sufficient.

Step 3: Budget.

Dogs can get expensive. Larger dogs will cost more overall due to increase in food consumption, larger crates and beds needed, larger size toys, and increased cost for surgery and medicine.

Step 4: Choose the Breed, Age and Sex.
Choosing the breed of your dog can often be a simple matter of preference.
If you are seeking a dog for a specific purpose, you may be better off choosing a purebred that has been selectively bred with those traits in mind.
For some first-time dog owners a puppy is the worst possible choice. Selecting a puppy versus an adult typically means you will spend a lot more time in training.
However, by choosing a puppy, there is the potential to have a much greater effect on its personality than if you started with an adult.
Another growing concern is the relationship between dogs and allergies. There are several hypo-allergenic breeds out there, the most common of which are Standard Poodles, Kerry Blue Terriers, Portuguese Water Dogs (they have hair, not fur) and Greyhounds. There is plenty of additional information to be found on the net on this subject.

Step 5: Make a Connection
Hey, what it all comes down to is this. Do you really like the dog? Is it the kind of pet you will want to be around and take care of? Don’t forget, this is a relationship. While you won’t have to buy your new dog flowers or take it shopping, no…treats and a nice belly rub will go a long way with this fella.

Source: Hellaviews on Youtube

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