5 Foods That Can Harm Your Dog

Now that it is Mother’s Day and we are getting together again with family and friends, it’s a good time to remind everyone that we need to pay attention to our fur babies to make sure they do not eat any of these foods.

We have listed five of the most common foods that we have at family gatherings and parties that you need to keep away from your dogs.

Feel free to share the list with your guests!

5 Foods That Can Harm Your Dog

Avocados make their own fungicide, called persin. Pretty cool, huh? But dogs are allergic to it (and some humans, too), so don’t let your dog near that guacamole.Avocado


Persin is found in the seeds, leaves, and bark of avocado trees, too, so if you have an avocado tree in your yard, keep your dog away.

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