12 Things Only A Dog Owner Understands


There are a number of things that dog owners do that others without a dog might not understand. Here are a few more:

7) When friends or coworkers ask to see pictures of our human family, we have to scroll through hundreds of dog pictures first.
Since I volunteer in animal rescue, I literally have thousands of photos of dogs on my iPhone. So when people ask to see pictures of my husband or my family, I have to look through all of them to find them because my phone is mainly full of pictures of dogs.
8) They are so helpful when we make a mess in the kitchen!
When my husband is in the kitchen cooking, I call the dogs his “assistants” because they’re always watching him as he cooks — and keeping the kitchen floor clear of crumbs.
9) We don’t give a thought to spending money on their care vs. spending money on luxuries for ourselves.
When it comes to their needs, you are happy to supply them with what they need and maybe pass on that new purse.
10) We Really don’t mind picking up their poop every day.
Sure, it’s not exactly fun, but you just get used to it. In fact, you’ll even pick up other dogs’ poop, too, to be a good citizen.
11) We have lots of beds around the house.
Dog beds, that is. Yet, when it’s bedtime, the dogs always know to go to the one that’s in the bedroom.
12)We have multiple lint rollers in various locations.
You know how some people keep lip balm in their car, in their desk, at home, on the counter, etc.? That’s how dog owners are with lint rollers.

These are just a few of the everyday changes that we make for our loving fur babies in our lives.

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