12 Things Only A Dog Owner Understands



When you have a dog, there are changes that you make to your home, your daily routine and basically your entire life.

Well you may think that the changes that you make are not that big a deal. However, I bet there are more changes you make than you think.

There are some things we as dog owners do that people without dogs do not understand.

Here is a list of things that only dog owners will appreciate!

1) Dog hair on the floor is standard.
And we don’t care —regular sweeping is just a way of life.
2) It’s Hard to Resist a Head-Tilt.
Every dog owner knows exactly what I’m talking about. Even though I’m the disciplinarian in the house (“no” means “no”), I do sometimes give in to the “best in show” of head tilts — when they seem so confused as to why you would scrape the plates vs. letting them help.
3) Even though we try to act like everything is normal when we’re packing to go on a trip, they still seem to know.
Dogs’ senses are so amazing: They can smell better, hear better and they’re just aware of things in ways we are not — and that includes sensing when we’re leaving. So whenever I’m going on a trip and I’m not taking the dogs me, I have a suitcase that I very slowly, nonchalantly start filling. I make sure not to make a big deal out of it by whistling, singing a happy tune and giving treats. But they know. They’re so aware, and they get a little frantic. If it turns out that we are actually packing for a vacation that they get to be part of, their frantic behavior turns to glee.
4) And when we come back being away from them on a trip, the excitement they show is unmatchable.
Even if you’re just gone for one night, you get a reception of joy as if you had been gone for months — they’ll dance all over the place and follow you everywhere. Heck, even if you leave to go around the block, you are guaranteed to come home to at least an enthusiastic, wagging-tail greeting.
5) There’s nothing quite like the pride we feel when our dog learns something new or overcomes a fear.
A lot of dogs come from backgrounds of abuse or neglect. So in that vein, it’s amazingly heartwarming and inspiring to watch them gain more confidence and overcome their fears. When they make a breakthrough, it’s amazing to watch them blossom into the dogs they are capable of being.
6) If they have a regular mealtime and we are late, they notice.
Humans know how important it is to have a regular mealtime. Dogs really know this.

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